Rags Warehouse FAQ

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What makes up the items at the Rags Warehouse?
A. Approximately two years ago, we started selecting items that didn't seem "ready" to give up on, and either set them aside to try again, or sent them to our other stores to try to sell. Initially, the Warehouse was going to be a "sorting and organizing space," but with zoning for retail, and lots of stuff that's really great, we decided to become another "store."

Why should I shop at the Rags Warehouse rather than the Rags store?
A. You get 20% off every item every day at the Warehouse!

Can I consign at the Rags Warehouse?
A. Sorry, no consigning at the Warehouse. Lots of shopping!

Do you still donate items after 4 weeks at the main store?
A. Yes! Most "donates" go directly to the non-profits we work with — HELP International, Boulder's YWCA, Conscious Alliance, Denver's Dress for Success, etc. Literally, thousands of donates per month.

Do consignors still get a pay out?
A. All the items at the Rags Warehouse still have their original ownership info on each item, and the consignor is still compensated if the item sells.

Can I sell at one Rags location and buy at another?
A. We recently merged all data from all three locations, so our consignor can check accounts and use store credit at any of the locations.

Consign FAQ

We accept clean, gently-worn mall and luxury brand women's clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories.

When can I consign?
A. MON-SAT 10am – 6pm and SUN 10am – 4pm. We accept consignments up to one hour prior to store closing.

How much money do I receive?
40% of the item's sell price.

How do I check my account balance?
 Our Boulder consignors can stroll in, call in, or text us at 303.440.5758. Cherry Creek, same thing different number, 720.508.3181.

Where do my clothes go if I don’t pick them up?
Trust us. We donate your items to worthy groups.

Is there a limit on how many items I can consign?
There is a 30 item maximum per person per day.

Can Rags come to me?
Yes! We offer a pick-up service for just $10. Call, text, or fill out our Pick-Up Request form and leave the rest up to us.

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